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Replace words and links

Ever think it would be funny to replace a word with another? Sick and tired of a website deadnaming you? You are going to enjoy X to Y!

X to Y supports plain text, regex, and urls.

It's simple!

Download now for free!

Available on:

Hide your deadname

Is there a website that refuses to let you change your name? Your employer refusing to update your legal name in the HR portal at work? That's OK, you no longer need to see that garbage!

Protect your privacy

Websites like Twitter and YouTube have become slow and bloated. While you want to access the content, they want to access your data and increase their metrics. Luckily, there are privacy focused alternatives that you can point links to instead. That is why X to Y has Link Mode.

For example, you can make all links to https://twitter.com/ go to https://nitter.net/ for a faster privacy focused alternative.

Here are some links to alternatives and mirrors:

Open and Transparent

A core belief here is that all browser extensions should be open source so you can see exactly what they are doing. X to Y collects nothing, and to prove that the entire source code is available on GitHub